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We recently acquired two heifers sired by Masbra MAS 98/34 a National Champion in South Africa.  We plan to use AI to cross with Polled Sires to produce exceptional Polled Red Brahmans.  We believe that we are the only Brahman Breeder in the US with these genetics.

NV Miss Chief Jackie 7 10 ABBA #975365.j
NV Miss Chief Jackie 7/10
CS Miss Scarlett ABBA #947574.jpg
CS Miss Scarlett 416
Lova ISB MS Lova Noconi 3 5 ABBA #937657
NV Miss Cheif Butter Queen 8 5 ABBA #982
ISB MS Lova Noconi 3/5
NV Miss Chief Butter Queen 8/5
ISB MS Elena Noconi 4_6
ISB MS Elena Noconi 4/6
Rose TM'S Miss Polled Pianissimo (P) ABB
TM's Miss Polled Pianissimo 
DA7 Miss Camilla Landree  #965759.jpg
DA7 Miss Camilla Landree 714
NV Miss Chief Trudy 7 1 ABBA #975102.jpg
NV Miss Chief Trudy 7/1
Emma ISB MS Elena Noconi 5 7 ABBA #95458
ISB MS Elena Noconi 5/7
NV Miss Chief Roxie 7/6
Lola ISB MS Lova Noconi 3 6  #954910.jpg
ISB MS Lova Noconi 3/6
ISB MS Elena Noconi 2_7
ISB MS Elena Noconi 2/7
CAN Miss Nandi 1G
CAN Miss Sarabi 2G
Masbra 1E 3.jpg
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